Cowboy poetry?
Yup, as long as cowboys have been sittin round the campfire tellin tall tales and singing prairie songs they have been writing poetry. A good poem is like a good song; it’s easy to hear over again. Cowboy poetry is alive and well today with thousands of fans that attend hundreds of “Cowboy Gatherings” each year. A gathering is what it sounds like; a gathering of cowboys that share poems, songs and tell tall stories together.
Risky has attended many of the largest gatherings and won many contests for reciting his poetry. Risky poems have been published numerous times. A few publications include:
Book: The Big Roundup…Winner of the prestigious Will Rogers Award
Magazine: The Anvil
Magazine: The Ropers Sports News (2 times)
Magazine: The Wyoming Companion
Magazine: First Financial Monthly
Magazine: In The Spotlight

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