Catch me at The Rustic Theatre in Idyllwild CA this Saturday night. Also the very funny Skip Clark will feature and Jeff Urrea will be opening the show

Last nights show was wild!!

2 more shows tonight at 7 & 9 PM! The Ventura Harbor Comedy Club. In the Ventura Harbor,,,I love this club!

Shows have been off the hook lately

Huge crowd tonight in Ventura, Goleta tomorrow night at The Comedy Hide Away. Santa Barbara this weekend

Big week

Friday: Went to practice roping,,got bucked off,,,OUCH!

Saturday: Went to see my buddies practice roping,,,they talked me into roping even though my entire body was sore, (well it was more like they shamed me into roping)

Saturday Night: Drove my hurting self to Santa Barbara Fair and performed. SURPRISE! ,,I didn’t hurt while I was on stage!

Sunday: Stayed home,,,OUCH!,,,wish I had a stage at home

Big fun last night in Encino

I had a great time last night, thanks for coming out!!

Filming again

Filmed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today,,,a dude with a purple mohawk and a bolt through his nose looked at me like I was weird.

Had a great time last night at a small gig

Worked out some new material in front of a small group last night and it was a blast, sometimes the intimacy of small rooms is just the perfect place

I’m on TV today!!!

The Weekend Cutter on RFD TV is featuring me for the entire show today and again tonight, I watched the show today and it made me remember the fun we had,,,check it out tonight if you missed it at 10PM CST

Whew!,, been working hard lately

I’ve been working on my show “Risky Betts”

Playing the part of an evil doctor in a film

In  between I have been writing new material and  getting on stage when I can.

In my spare time I have been looking for advertisers for my show.

I’ll get plenty of rest when I’m dead.

Video link of my guest appearance on The Weekend Cutter TV show

Here is my guest appearance onThe Weekend Cutter,,, I get trained to ride a cutting horse and then compete in a real cutting horse show!