Risky comes from a long line of cowboys, his grandfather, Glen Betts, from Tacoma Washington was a Rodeo producer and trick act specialist. He and his horse La Paloma were the number one western act for years in the northwest.

Risky’s father Chuck Betts, rode bulls, showed horses, trick roped and clowned rodeos during his career. As a matter of fact, Risky’s first time to entertain a group of people was as a rodeo clown at 5 years old when his dad dressed him and his younger brother up as clowns and they entertained a group of children at an orphanage in Las Vegas. To learn about Risky’s rodeo successes visit his Rodeo page on this site.

Risky started writing humerous poetry in the late 90′s which led him down a trail to stand-up comedy. He has performed all over the nation at comedy clubs, corporate events, casino’s, colleges, fund raisers, private parties, trail rides, train rides, arenas, coffee shops, beer joints, honkey tonks and back yards.

Risky draws from real life experiences to create his truly one of a kind stand up comedy that’s  filled with jokes, poetry and stories